Helping To Eliminate Frequencies and Vibrations

A Room Within A Room

Structurally Independent From Existing Walls, Ceiling & Floor
The following pictures show you the consistent 1 " gap between the iso-booth, 2x4 framing and the 2x6 framing in the live room & control room. Our intention is to eliminate a "hard connection" between the rooms, ultimately, eliminating the transmission of vibrations and sound waves. The studs are staggered between the inside and outside walls to reduce "standing waves" and are insulated with a combination of fiberglass and foam. Incidentally, the ceiling was constructed in a similar manor. When the time came to install the windows, it was anchored to the inside window frame ONLY. After being mounted they were completely surrounded by 1/2" thick, rubber shims. Consequently, the 1" gap between the outside window jamb and the actual window frame was filled in with a silicon based, professional acoustical sealant.